授乳ノート 新生児からの育児記録!赤ちゃんのお世話を家族と共有♪ APK Mod Download ( Unlimited Money ) 5.1.0

The latest version of 授乳ノート 新生児からの育児記録!赤ちゃんのお世話を家族と共有♪ APK MOD is 0.1, You can download 授乳ノート 新生児からの育児記録!赤ちゃんのお世話を家族と共有♪ MOD directly on Apkglue.com. Over users rating an average of 9.0 by 125 users about 授乳ノート 新生児からの育児記録!赤ちゃんのお世話を家族と共有♪ Apk download. More than 50,000,000++ is playing this app/game right now.

授乳ノート 新生児からの育児記録!赤ちゃんのお世話を家族と共有♪ Apk MOD on android ( Unlimited Coin )

授乳ノート 新生児からの育児記録!赤ちゃんのお世話を家族と共有♪ APK is one of the most popular Parenting created for Android. It includes some advanced features really easy to use. It is a cool free game and is definitely worth having on your phone.


What’s New:

  • 授乳ノート 新生児からの育児記録!赤ちゃんのお世話を家族と共有♪  Bug Fix
  • Add New Level
  • Update All features
  • 授乳ノート 新生児からの育児記録!赤ちゃんのお世話を家族と共有♪ Fully Fixed


  1. Free Download
  2. original Apk
  3. install whenever you want without Data

授乳ノート 新生児からの育児記録!赤ちゃんのお世話を家族と共有♪ Apk + for android.

  • Game Title: 授乳ノート 新生児からの育児記録!赤ちゃんのお世話を家族と共有♪
  • APP ID: jp.co.plusr.android.babynote
  • Version: Latest Version
  • Ganre: Parenting
  • Added Date: 1 Day Ago
  • Support: Android 4.4+
  • More Info: Google Play















◆◆育児中のママのみなさんへ 〜運営スタッフより〜◆◆





[email protected]

* Start recording with the touch of a button! The definitive version of the childcare record app!
* Share your care records in real time with the sharing function!
* Childcare records such as diapers, sleep, and baby food are collected in this one.
* The number of baby record items such as gurus and physical condition records has increased.
* Easy to grasp the rhythm of life on the timeline!

■■ Recommended for busy moms! ■■
・ I want to remember to record the time of breastfeeding every day
・ I want to understand the baby’s life rhythm such as breastfeeding, diapers, and sleep.
・ I want to record the baby’s condition such as bathing, physical condition, and gurgling.
・ Paper breastfeeding notebooks are difficult to record

◆◆ Introduction of the main functions of breastfeeding notebook ◆◆

* Easy measurement of breastfeeding time with the touch of a button
Breastfeeding records for newborns immediately after childbirth. You can measure with one tap, so you don’t have to panic. It is important to check the breastfeeding time to know how much breast milk you drank over time.

* Records left and right breasts, milking, and feeding bottles together.
The amount of breast milk and milk can also be recorded separately for each item, so it is recommended even when breastfeeding in a mixed manner.

* Manage diapers and sleep records
You can record not only breastfeeding but also pee, poop, and piss.

* Added records such as physical condition and gurgling
Respond to mom’s request! You can also record detailed items related to your baby’s life.

* Easy to see the record of the day on the timeline!
The number of times you breastfeed, the amount you drank, the number and time of pee and poop! Display important records by time. Since you can see the state of the day at once, you can grasp the pattern of care and it is convenient when sharing it with your family.

* Grasp the rhythm of life from past records
Since you can check the records on a daily or weekly basis, you can see not only the breastfeeding interval, but also diapers, sleep, and the time of stagnation, making it easier to take measures and trends.

* Supports breastfeeding interval with breastfeeding alarm
It’s been a long time, and it’s been 5 hours since I last breastfeeded! I don’t know. Breastfeeding alarms are useful in such cases. We will inform you of the elapsed time based on the last breastfeeding time.

* Check information useful for childcare!
We have prepared a lot of stories and articles about childcare experiences of senior moms who can be helpful.

++ “Breastfeeding notebook” was introduced in such media! ++
* Red was immediately published in the March 2016 issue!
* Published in the January 2016 issue of Chick Club!
* May 2017 Introduced on Chihiro Kondo’s blog

◆◆ To moms who are raising children ~ From the management staff ~ ◆◆
Taking care of your baby, which begins immediately after giving birth. Especially when I’m the first person, I’m full of turmoil and anxiety. As my body is still recovering, I have to keep a record of my care for breastfeeding, diapers, sleeping, and for medical examinations.

The unique part of the smartphone app is that you don’t forget to record much less than a notebook because you always carry it around. It is also useful in the event of a disaster. In addition, the time required for recording can be shortened by the amount that can be recorded with one touch.

At first, the app was intended to record breastfeeding and care, but as the child grows, the record will be remembered, such as “The amount of breastfeeding has increased!”, “Sleep time has become longer”, and “Baby food has begun”. It will change.

I would like to make a “nursing notebook” so that my mother’s anxiety and burden can be alleviated and she can smile every day during childcare, which is already fumbling and stressful.
We look forward to working with you in the future.

Breastfeeding notebook management staff

If you use the app
[email protected]
Please let us know what you think!
We’ll be expecting you!

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